Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas!

"Tis the season to be jolly

We're getting ready to leave to Mummu's, for Christmas.
It's so exciting. All the little secrets behind locked doors. Wraping and bows everywhere (I mean EVERYWHERE)!!
Trying to get it all packed into our van, which doesn't have much trunk space, just seats, which are practically all taken :)
And last minute cleaning...what a way to spoil it :) JK

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas...and I can't wait to hear what you did!!!

P.S. Like my little, new, pink tree? I know, I'm weired...but it's so cute, just needs a few more ornaments :)


Destiny Jane said...

Kaila, it's a very cute tree... maybe not my style... haha, no, I want a purple one:) Heehee... I hope you have fun! We went shopping to night for Christmas presents and just got back... and it's 1:12 a.m....well, I'm going to bed. Good night and Merry Christmas!!!

John said...

It looks like a Charlie Brown tree! It just needs some love. Sounds like a fun Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and the whole family.

Grandma of Many said...

Kaila, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Hurry home so we can have ours. Oh by the way, don't hurry too fast as it is a white day after Christmas. Come home and play in the snow. Phineas is waiting and so are we. Love you, Grandma Dot

Ginger said...

Glad you had a nice and safe trip to your Mammu's. I love this is really nice and the presents are wrapped so pretty. Somebody took a lot of time to do such a nice job. Yep...Merry Christmas...or I should say Happy New is just a few days away. Love. Aunt Ginger

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but would you mind posting?