Friday, October 31, 2008

For Your Pure Pleasure

This post is for your own pleasure, I have absolutely no reason why I am posting it other than that.

This evening, I had the sole delight to cut out a chicken's backbone! Have you ever done that? It was quite the experience :) Note the following dialog-

Kaila-"Hey Mom, I'm suppose to cut out the chickens backbone for this recipe. How am I suppose to do that?"

Mom-"I don't know. Just get a knife and cut it out, but watch out for your fingers (I have a bad reputation of cutting myself)."

Kaila-" goes nothing."

10 minutes later, Mom walks into the kitchen only to find me still sawing away at this little 5lb chicken.

Kaila-"I think I hit a bone and am stuck on it."

Mom-"Just cut through it...but watch your fingers."

Kaila (2 min. later)-"I did it!(swinging the bone around) I just cut out the whole backbone of a cool is that!"

Mom (thinking to herself) -"She's got some problems."

So if ever you come across a recipe that requires you to cut out a backbone...just give me a call...I know exactly how it goes...NOT :)

It was fun!

Monday, October 13, 2008

What Single Girls/Woman Can Learn From "Fireproof"

A couple weeks ago, we were blessed to go see the latest movie produced by Christians. Fireproof, was a movie based on saving your marriage. Caleb (Kirk Cameron) is a firefighter who (as the movie puts is) is a hero to everyone except his own wife. When they finally decided to get a divorce, his father steps in and challenges Caleb to put it off for forty-days in order to go through the "Love Dare", a journal that calls one to do certain acts of kindness towards the other spouse. When it seems that all is failing, Caleb is brought to Christ, in order to understand the true meaning of love.
In the end Caleb eventually wins back the heart of his wife, and they continue to strive to make their marriage fireproof!

Though the movie was more geared towards married couples, I, as a single girl, still gained a great lesson from it. Throughout the movie, we are introduced to a co-worker of Caleb's wife, Dr. Gavin , who sets out to win the heart of Caleb's wife. She in turn responds positively, and we are left with the picture of her giving her heart away to man who is not her husband.

As single girls, we need to guarded our hearts and not let them be easily stolen. The picture that was portrayed by Caleb's wife giving her heart away is a perfect picture of what it looks like when we give our hearts away to someone whom we do not plan to marry, or when we are not even ready for marriage. When we give our hearts away, it is almost like adultery in God's eyes for He has already picked out our future spouse, and when we give away our hearts to someone He has not chosen, then there is nothing left to give to the man that we do marry. We as single girls, need to learn to guard our hearts, so that when we do meet the man we are going to marry we can then fully give him our whole hearts. If we go through life falling in love with the next cute boy, by the time we meet our true prince charming, we will have noting left to give to him.

This is such an important lesson that most girls these days do not understand. They think that we have to "try out" different guys through the dating system. That we have to find our own prince charming. We must remember that God has a man picked out just for you and me, all we have to do is wait till He brings him into our lives, and prepare for that special moment when we can give our hearts to the man that God has chosen, in His good time!

Thursday, October 9, 2008