Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Senior Pictures with Freinds!

Dylan, Aaron, Tait, Natalie and me

Well the past weeks have been full of lovely sunshine, with a little rain. I have been busy working at Grandpa and Grandma's, and working on speech, because in two weeks I leave to Colorado for Regionals!!!

Next Saturday, I shall most likely kill myself in a ten mile run...I've been jogging everyday so I think I shall survive...hopefully :)

Last Saturday I got together with some friends to take some pictures for our senior year...yup we're all graduating this year!! God has blessed me with some wonderful friends...I am forever thankful for them all.

God is good...what more is there to say :)

p.s. more pictures to come on my Facebook page

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Last week were the birthdays of two very important people in my life-
  • My wonderful brother, Kolten! He has turned into a big 15 year old...scary to think that he could get his permit, I sure hope he doesn't take driving lessons form me :) Kolten is the coolest brother ever...and I mean THE one and only coolest brother ever (besides my tow other bothers, they too are pretty cool). Kolten is funny, charming, witty, has a sweet dispensation, and all around lovable, especially when he does his little grin :) There is something about him where he can't stop smiling, I guess he just loves life! I love my brother very very very much....
  • Natalie, my dearest of dear friends! Natalie has been such a wonderful, loving and caring friend since I have known her! She has set before me a great example of a godly woman and I only hope that I could be more like her!
I love you two very much!

This is a little slideshow I made of the great time we had taking Natalie out to ice cream for her birthday!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Day in Jacksonville!

On a gloriously sunny Friday, I met up with some of the Emmon's so Victoria could take mine and Natalie's senior pictures. Destiny and Karissa came along to make fun of me posing :) It was such a fun memory. It was so funny that me and Natalie ended up practically matching without even knowing it...she's such a kindred spirit!

These are just some of the fun pictures that we took!

We got in trouble for matching :)

Time to relax

The "Stragglers"

Hey...we weren't the only ones in blue!

The End...

There will be more pictures on my facebook page.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Doctor Operating on Womans Brain Tumor Finds Live Worm In Brain

Maybe there's a reason God said "And the pig... is unclean to you." (Lev.11:7)