Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm a proud older Cousin!

Yup...the little Goldman was born this morning. Adorable Jebediah Victor Goldman has officially entered the world, safe and sound, and I, once again, am an older cousin! I know that God will use this young boy to His purposes and I pray that I may be a godly example, always portraying the Creator of this gift in my every action.

Jebediah has been blessed to enter the Goldman family. For they are a God-fearing family who will train and love him, following God's example with us. The Goldman's are a wonderful family who serve God and seek out His will in all that they do. Their children are their legacy, a living, godly legacy.
Jebediah is indeed a blessed child!

p.s. Pictures to come


~Destiny Jane~ said...

He will definitly be loved!

Josiah said...

Well thats super! I like the name, especially the middle one. Oh and have an awesome 17th birthday (I was at the other Andersons house when they sang you happy B-day:))!!!!!

Josiah VICTOR Black