Friday, September 26, 2008

Brian Regan - Cooking Shows


David Kruse said...

Oh man, is he funny or what?! I mean he is like the best comedian I have ever seen. But seriously, that was a good post Kaila. See you tomorrow at church. God Bless!

In Christ,

Destiny said...

Ha! He is so hilarious!!! Great video Kaila, I'm glad you posted it:)


Grandma of Many said...

I hadn't heard him and he is funny. He reminded me of your Dad. Go Kenny, go! Thanks for sharing Kaila and I could use one of those cooking for me. Love, Grandma Dot

Ginger said...

Funny...however...speaking of cooking..hint..hint..can you post your Mom's marinade recipe that she used on the steaks when we were up there. You can put it on your blog or send it to my email address

Would love to use it really soon. Love you so much and hope you are having a GREAT week.

PS: That pudding was really tasty too....Uncle John is still talking about it.