Friday, May 1, 2009

The '08-09 Speech season is over

Well, as we enter the glorious summer season, it does present a some what downfall...the end of the Clarion Club weekly sad.

Last Tuesday, Clarion had it's annual end of the year banquet. All the seniors this year got up and ran some very fun and silly activities, organized by our lovely Mrs. Deems! After that we gave our thankful quotes and talks to everyone who has made Clarion club possible.

When the banquet was over, we all just had to go to Mickey D's (McDonalds) for ice cream, as is tradition! In the end we ended up dancing the Virginia reel in their parking lot till midnight...great times!

Now we get to look forward to the '09-2010 season!

Dancing in the parking lot :)


Carla said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!
I love you so much :)
Hope you had a wonderful time today, I look forward to giving you a big birthday hug tomorrow :)
Mrs. Deems

Stephanie said...

awww! it's soo sad speech is over!

I love the pics Kaila, from that night and your photoshoot ones! Great job!