Thursday, October 15, 2009

A tragic story without an ending...

This morning, on my mad rush to get to work on time, I past a cat who met it's last days on earth. As usual I grieved a little, but then I noticed moved! Immediately I pulled over to check on it...maybe it was still alive and only injured...maybe I would be able to help it, but I did not expect what I saw.

As I drew near to the poor cat I realized that it was not the dead cat that moved, but a poor helpless little kitten that was snuggled up to it. The poor dear was trying to nurse it's mother. I tried to pick it up...but it scrambled away. For the next 10 minutes if you happened to be in a car passing by, you would have seen me dashing across the street countless times, fumbling my way through bushes and falling into the ditch...but at last I caught it.

I looked at my surroundings and noticed a near by house. So I walked over there...the lady at the door informed me that the mother had been a stray cat in the area for a while and that she wanted nothing to do with the kitten. What could I do? I held the adorable little girl kitten in my arms and brought her home.

She is a small, helpless, orphan. She is so cute..she's black with a white nose and paws..and she is still very little. What is to be her fate I know not yet...can you give her a home?


Jopics said...

awwwww, Kaila that was sooo sad, the poor little kitten. Sorry my cat just had her kitten this last summer and we weren't able to get rid of any of them. I wish I could take it though. Whatever you do don't name it, you'll get to attached, trust me i know from experience. I hope you find a home for it soon though. You should take pictures and post them. I want to see the dear thing.

Josiah said...

Touching, poor cat. I'm a little far but i have a thing for black and white cats... too bad. Good luck finding one!