Monday, February 21, 2011

The Good and the Bad...Little Habits

Just some random thoughgts going through my head today.... :)

We all got those little habits in our life. In fact they are so little that sometimes we don't even recognize them or think they are a big deal. But like most things in life...the little things become a big thing.

If they are good habits, then we have nothing to worry about. But if they are bad habits we need to be on our guard and continually fight them, or else these seemingly harmless things become a big problem and will take over our lives and consume us.

When we form these habits we often don't realize what they will may start out as a harmless lie, or a careless decision....but it leads us deeper and deeper into it's trap, unnoticed by our blinded eyes. Before we know it, they consume us and even define us.

The bad habits don't take work, our carnal flesh leads us into them easily. It's the good habits that take work to form. So how do we overcome the bad habits? By developing and working on good habits. It may start out small, and seem pointless. In the end though the good habits grow and they eventually consume us, pushing out the bad ones. You fight and destroy those bad little things in your life, by nourishing and developing the good little things!


daugherofgrace said...

Right on Kala (-:

Anna Goldman said...

I love it!....Really good reminder and I like how you explained it!

Phillip Ayotte said...

I agree with all thats been said, but I would like to say something just a reminder.
we should know how we fight these habbits...for a believer in Christ, we are given pardon of these habits, but they are still wrong and they are still there. But only because of our WORKING Faith, are we able to fight these habbits. Its not us but God who is fighting off the habbits.
When you catch yourself in doing one of your bad habbits you should always tell yourself "this is not me. This is my dying flesh and it does not control me".

Do you not agree?