Friday, September 21, 2007

Long Time No See :)

WOW! I sure haven't posted in a long time. I guess it's because I've been so busy (I understand now why Nathan never posts :), but I've loved it. We finished the Chosen by God book, and my life will never be the same. We have also finished the whole book of Exodus, and the theme with this book is was about how Israel was freed from slavery to sabbath, freedom from a cruel king to serve another. We applied this in our day by saying-"freed from slavery to sin to a servant for Christ." We also talked about whether we should apply the death penalty of the O.T. to our day in age. I think so, but what do you think?We took these pics on day after class when dads battery went dead and then when he tried to jump it with Tami's car, her car went dead.
I also got my permit after a year of waiting, hoping, dreaming and waiting :) but now it's so sweet. I barely passed the test, I think I went through it to fast, but I still passed.

That's what has been going on...well I didn't post it all, it will all come in future post.
See ya!


Destiny Jane said...

Wow, you made the pictures all fancy:0) It was great seeing you AGAIN today. Thanks for being such an awesome partner, well, I still could have won without you... haha:D NOT!

Ruth Owen said...

You FINALLY Got your permit? Cool! I'm excited for you! ~Ruth~

John said...

You have a permit? Now comes the scary part!!! lol Really, I'm sure you will do fine. Who is going to teach you? Your pictures are cool. You guys are getting so grownup.

Anonymous said...

Cool you got your permit Kaila and that cake looked good but it would never show up in my blog so I'm commenting about it here. I'm glad the whipped cream never went all over you in the car and bet that was a nerve racking ride thinking whole time it was going to be all over you. Love you...

Nathan said...

Whaddaya mean I never post?

I post like... every single month. Sheesh.

King David said...

Hey Kaila,
Glad that you FINALLY (as Ruth put it) got your permit!
I consider myself lucky not to have been in your first car accident the other day.
No. Just Kidding! You did great!

-Your Cousin, David

P.S. See ya tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Cute pics Kaila. Leave a comment on my blog. HeeHee. Hows school. Got to go. Bye. :)

Love ya.