Saturday, October 27, 2007

Civil War Day

Yesterday we went to an event focusing on the Civil War. It was mainly geared towards homeschoolers, and around 3oo kids showed up! We knew quite a bit of people, so it was nice to spend time with friends. What they did was that they separated us into 12 groups and they had us rotate to 12 different stations which focused on different things in that time era. It was all at an old house outside of Eagle Point, so we got to learn about that house, the guns, fashions, life as a soldier and surgeon in the war, and certain people during that time, like Clara Barton. They fired off a real canon, but it wasn't loaded, though it was still very LOUD! I love that time era, so I learned a lot and really enjoyed. Above is a sideshow of pics from it. I couldn't find any other music, so it doesn't really fit.

Today mom and all the kids left to visit Mummu (mom's mom) and I stayed behind because of school and stuff. It sure is going to be weird without them at the house.
Well I got to go and catch up on yard work.
Have a nice weekend!


Destiny Jane said...

That was really fun! I loved going to it:) My favorite was when they talked about the clothes and the medical stuff.. very cool! (although the medical one was kinda gross). Except that the cannon went off every 15 min... that got kinda enjoying... lol:D Well, it must really be weird with out any kids their at your house... I can just imagine. Ahhhh... JK:D See ya soon (Tomorrow at church:).

David Anderson Kruse said...

It was fun Kaila!
I loved it a lot! I'm thinking that maybe, just maybe, I'll do a speech on it. But ya never really know. Well, I really never know.

By the way, are you gonna give the next impromptu speech on Monday at Omnibus??? Ha Ha!

Ok then, since my comment is longer than Des's than I 'll leave with this last thought - BYE!!!

David Anderson Kruse said...

Sooo you like sky blue huh?

(Take a look at your apologetics box again!)

John said...

That was very good, Kaila. You certainly write very well. Glad you had a good time and learned a lot. How's the driving going?

VICKIE said...

Nice slide show Kaila and I bet your Dad and you will have some fun times while they are gone. I know you will miss them and they will miss you..

Dottie, Grandma Dot or Mom said...

Kaila I'm sorry I haven't been on lately but those cruise ships internet are very slow. It was good to see you today as I sure missed you and your blog. Thanks for sharing the street witnessing (very well written), the slide show on fall and the Civil War Days. You are a great writer and put great slide shows together. I love you,
Grandma Dot

Aaron Sleadd said...

I was the one who voted "both" on your poll about the civil war.

Anonymous said...

No results found for learnative.
Did you mean lenitive (in dictionary) or Leontiev (in encyclopedia

Anonymous said...

That was fun. Well see you tonight at speech. Oh are you doing the Music? Bye.

Kaila Anderson said...

It's a word in my new word :)

Who are you anyways?- Aaron or Nathan?

Aaron Sleadd said...

You TOTALLY need to post!

Destiny Jane said...

I think so too!