Friday, October 5, 2007


Last night, me, Karissa, Destiny, Aunt Tami and Jodi, and Uncle Hugh all went to a casting Crowns Concert. It was so awesome, they also had Leeland and Mark Willard (other bands) there. The music was so good and very impacting. They said some really good stuff about Christianity, their theology seemed good. I was impressed.

After it was all over we hanged around for another half hour and the band came out, almost everyone was gone by now, so we got our pictures with them. After all that Uncle Hugh took us to Sheri's and us girls got breakfast (yummy and it was mid-night by now).
We got home and told dad all about it. He was the one who payed for everyone to go and didn't go himself. I was so disappointed when I heard we wasn't going to be taking us, it seemed half the fun was taken out. Isn't he awesome to pay for everyone and not even go himself, I sure am blessed to have a father like him.
This was the drummer...and he was a crazy guy!!
All of us with the guitar guys (Hector on the left and the other guy (can't remember the name) on the right)

opening song

They also had this guy who drew on a black canvas. My dad had shown me a video of him doing it, and it was so cool he was here too.

It was a wonderful time...wish you could have come :)


Destiny Jane said...

Kaila, Kaila, Kaila! You posted before me about it... wow. Oh, you said the same thing two times. Read what you just posted and then you'll understand. Ha:D I had a awesome time with y'all. Your Dad sure is awesome!

Emma Kruse said...

I did check out the cousin of the week. Thank you!!! And thanks for the comment. love you,


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you all had a nice time and Hugh told me you all really enjoyed it and were truly blessed...

Jason said...

Kaila! that is my favorite band. I just got their new album on Sunday. I think my favorite song on there is East to West. Anyways, thank you for your comment by the way! I love Tozer quotes. Have you seen this page with his sermons for download Its always good to hear from you. You are quite a testimony to your parents. Talk to you soon