Sunday, January 6, 2008

Upcoming posts etc...

Hello everyone,

Some anonymous person (hope they reveal themselves) told me to post. So last night I stayed up typing out my notes from Dad's Ten Commandment series, which I know you'll enjoy, since you can't be there personally :). The follow posts will be a series from his sermons.

Lately I have been getting ready for our speech/debate tournament, which will be Jan. 17, 18 and 19. It has been a lot of work and still will be!! But it's always fun :) And if you would consider being a judge, that would be really experience necessary. Just contact me for further details.

Christmas was awesome!! I got so many wonderful gifts, from everyone. Thank you so much for all that you gave me.

Now that it's the New Year, I realize how fast time is, it seems I was just wishing for summer, then... bang... it was over and a new summer will be here.
I hope this year will be filled with more fun times, and most of all, I hope that all I do will bring praise and honor to God's name!

See you all later!
God Bless...

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