Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Dress Up"

This picture got first at the Jackson County Fair,
in the black and white division


Ginger said...

Kaila...did you take all of these pictures? Good job and 1st place in black and white. Yeah!!!! Your sister is a great model!!!

The Goldman Family said...

Kaila, you are the best picture taker of all times!! And yes Katrina is the cutest little model. Thanks for sharing those adorable pictures you took.

Destiny Jane said...

She is one "Cute Model!!!"

Great pictures Kaila!


Miss Carmaan said...

WOW. Just looking at your photos...I knew you had fun and did a good job most of the time; now I see you've been improving so well as to win a couple of awards!!! That's great! Congrats! Of course, it helps a lot when you have a willing participant and one that is so adorable. What I think you did so well on too, is that you understood that Katrina would do well to be pictured in a natural setting and you tried a different format (B&W). That shows a lot of forethought and creativity of an above average photographer. Keep having fun with it...who knows?!?
Your friend in Kentucky,