Friday, October 31, 2008

For Your Pure Pleasure

This post is for your own pleasure, I have absolutely no reason why I am posting it other than that.

This evening, I had the sole delight to cut out a chicken's backbone! Have you ever done that? It was quite the experience :) Note the following dialog-

Kaila-"Hey Mom, I'm suppose to cut out the chickens backbone for this recipe. How am I suppose to do that?"

Mom-"I don't know. Just get a knife and cut it out, but watch out for your fingers (I have a bad reputation of cutting myself)."

Kaila-" goes nothing."

10 minutes later, Mom walks into the kitchen only to find me still sawing away at this little 5lb chicken.

Kaila-"I think I hit a bone and am stuck on it."

Mom-"Just cut through it...but watch your fingers."

Kaila (2 min. later)-"I did it!(swinging the bone around) I just cut out the whole backbone of a cool is that!"

Mom (thinking to herself) -"She's got some problems."

So if ever you come across a recipe that requires you to cut out a backbone...just give me a call...I know exactly how it goes...NOT :)

It was fun!


Destiny said...

Okay... so thats just kinda weird... and I hope I never have to do that! =) Oh, and about your reputation with cutting your figures... yup, it's true! haha:D


Vickie said...

That is just to funny but I'm glad you know how to do it. Love you!!1

Victoria said...

haha! I love that, Kay! You're so funny. :-)

John said...

You ARE really funny. Thanks for the post. It was a pleasure to read. As a matter of fact, we do have a chicken that needs it's backbone taken out. We will save it out on the kitchen counter til you get here. Please hurry!

Ginger said...

Kaila...I just finished reading Alex' current blog and thought it was one of the cleverest posts I've read; but I must rescind now that I have read your take the cake...oops...the backbone and moved to the top of my list!!! Loved it.

PS: Still waiting for you to send me your Mom's marinade recipe you were going to give me for the steaks!!!

Love..Aunt Ginger

Natalie said...

Way to go, Kaila!!! I might be calling you about that someday... :)

Kaija said...

Kaila, you are really getting to be a professional chef, way to go girl, mummu loves you.

Grandma of Many said...

Kaila, I saw the beautiful pictures of fall first and than went down to read this post. I don't think this picture is so beautiful. It makes you kind of sick. I don't want that recipe but I am glad you perservered and did it. Love, Grandma Dot