Thursday, March 26, 2009


Last week were the birthdays of two very important people in my life-
  • My wonderful brother, Kolten! He has turned into a big 15 year old...scary to think that he could get his permit, I sure hope he doesn't take driving lessons form me :) Kolten is the coolest brother ever...and I mean THE one and only coolest brother ever (besides my tow other bothers, they too are pretty cool). Kolten is funny, charming, witty, has a sweet dispensation, and all around lovable, especially when he does his little grin :) There is something about him where he can't stop smiling, I guess he just loves life! I love my brother very very very much....
  • Natalie, my dearest of dear friends! Natalie has been such a wonderful, loving and caring friend since I have known her! She has set before me a great example of a godly woman and I only hope that I could be more like her!
I love you two very much!

This is a little slideshow I made of the great time we had taking Natalie out to ice cream for her birthday!

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Grandma of Many said...

Great slideshow Kaila. I enjoyed it. Happy Birthday again Natalie and Kolten. I'm not sure you meant to say form me and my tow other brothers, ha! Love you, Grandma Dot