Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Day in Jacksonville!

On a gloriously sunny Friday, I met up with some of the Emmon's so Victoria could take mine and Natalie's senior pictures. Destiny and Karissa came along to make fun of me posing :) It was such a fun memory. It was so funny that me and Natalie ended up practically matching without even knowing it...she's such a kindred spirit!

These are just some of the fun pictures that we took!

We got in trouble for matching :)

Time to relax

The "Stragglers"

Hey...we weren't the only ones in blue!

The End...

There will be more pictures on my facebook page.


Destiny said...

Kaila, we did not come to make fun of your posing.. only a few times did we say that you looked kinda.. well, weird.. lol!

Nah, you look beautiful in everyone Kaila!!! My favorite one here of you is #2, I think you should use it for something :D

It was indeed a very fun day!


Birthday Luv said...

Oh, I just love those pictures!! You are so beautiful...inside and out! God has blessed us tremendously with giving us you in our family!
Love ya
Aunt Tami

Dottie, Grandma Dot or Mom said...

What beautiful pictures of such beautiful girls. Thanks for sharing them Kaila. Good job on photograpy and I know Victoria did some of that. I can't believe you are going to graduate. I love it that you have such great friends in your family and your speech club. You and Natalie are kindred spirits like Destiny and Karissa. Love you, Grandma Dot