Thursday, December 31, 2009

Treasure Them

As the year draws to an end, I start thinking about all that has happened and what I have learned. There have been many events, times to grow and learn. There has been times for rejoicing, times for weeping, a time to make peace and times for war, and time of death and time for life. But through it all I have learned a very big lesson- life is short, precious and very unexpected. As I reflect over the past I realize a very good lesson that has hung over me and which I have tried to contemplate over more and more. When life is so short and unexpected, we don't have time for meaningless quarrels and complications. We don't have time to take advantage of one another, or take each other for granted. We need to treasure every little thing, for we know not what is around the bend.

It's hard to write down the mistakes I have made, but one huge one is that I never try hard enough to get along with other people, I continually take them for granted and take advantage of them. Many times we have conflicts with those in the family or close friends and it's hard to forgive.Many times we just don't get along because of personality conflict or we just can't stand the way they do something. And so we go through life not treasuring the person God has created and put in your life. I know I have done this. If I don't get along with someone, I'll distant myself from them and never get too close to them.

But know, because of the past years events, I have learned that life is short so treasure them. One never knows when you may lose them, permanently or just temporarily. I have learned to stop wasting precious moments over meaningless conflicts and treasure every moment. Learn to love what you didn't like about them. It's the conflicts that you have but overcome that make life interesting.

Treasure the conflicts, treasure the hard times and the good times. Treasure the people in your life for you know not how long they will be with you. God has sovereignly placed you with the people you are with because He knows you need them, even when it's hard to get along.We should go out of our way to be with those people for then we will learn to love them or see that personality which we couldn't understand before as just a part of who they are and we still can get along with them.

Every moment spent together, every moment lived is a precious memory that we need to hold onto. Treasure them all!


Destiny said...

So true Kaila! Thanks for the post! :-)

Josiah said...

Profound...that's encouraging!