Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Big Week

So much has been happening, I don't know where to begin...lets see.

Sun.-we had Church and meet the Turner kids who are-Christopher (18), Jessica (17) Sheri (16), David (15), Nicholas (15), Jennifer (13), and Heather (12). They are all really sweet. After church we all went up to my grandparents house and watched Nascar. Got home around 11pm.

Mon.- We cleaned and shopped. Went out to eat with everyone (which is about 50 people) and we took up half of the restaurant. Then we went to Grandpa and Grandma's house again, and went on a hike in their woods. Then we did some Karaoke. Then the West Family arrived -Jason (dad) Kimberly (Mom), Joshua (15), Justin (12), and Emily (9). Got home around midnight.

Tues.- We all went on the Hellgate Jetboat Excursion. We had our own boat, so it was pretty wild and fun. We then went to The Wild River Brewery and Pizza, and again took up half of the restaurant. Then some more karaoke. Got home around 11pm.

Wend.- The Fourth!!!!! Woke up dressed ate and started making a flag cake with Joshua West. But later found out that we were missing some ingredients. So went to the store and we went and bought fireworks. Finished cake and headed up to Grandpa's and Grandma's house. There we had lunch. Did some the talent show (at this point my camera went dead, so I don't have many pics). Had dinner (a barbecue) and finished the talent show. Then we sorta just hanged around did some karaoke.
Then the Fireworks!!!!!! Dad and Keith (the Turner kids step-dad) did a whole little show thing. It was really cool.
We finally made it home around midnight and fell asleep.

Today- The adults are all going on a wine tour, with limo and all. And we kids get to stay home and clean...yippee!!!! This evening we are all going to Grandpa and Grandam's house to do a little barn dancing and probably some more karaoke.

No you have to image with all these kids there has to be some one getting hurt. And so it happened-Cassie Goldman hurt her ankle really bad, so please pray for her. Also Christopher hurt his knee badly too, so pray for him as well.

But other than that we have had a great time!!!!
What did you do on the Fourth??
See ya :)


Destiny Kruse said...

I did the same thing you did for the 4th, heehee:)

Hey Kaila, David is only 13 (he is two days younger than I).

Well, I liked the way you did the post, very quick and strait to the point. Good Job!!!!


Ruth Owen said...

Sounds super fun!!! I'm glad you are having a blast. ~Ruth~

Ruth Owen said...

Oh and DON'T FORGET to post pics if you took any:o)~Ruth~

Destiny Kruse said...

Yea Kaila, Post some of the pics you took of everyone:)

Emily said...

I had so much fun at your house. I have a blog now. It's pretty cool huh? Me and you have the same background. I miss you guys so much.