Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Excursion

Last weekend Grandpa and Grandma took us older kids (Me, Karissa, Kaleb, David, Destiny, Alex, Collin and Anna) to Union Creek. Where we rented a cabin and spent the night.
It was so cool. We were right next to a trail and the creek so we went on that sat. night and Sun. morning. It was so beautiful, it looked like the redwoods, just there were no redwoods :)

I loved spending time with all my cousins. It was so nice just to be with all the older kids. when are my family's use to get together, I really had know one to hang with so I just sat with the adults. But recently it seems like every one just grew up and we are all the same age. It really is very cool to have friends within your cousins. God has truly blessed me with a wonderful family, a really wonderful family, no family can compare to it, and I really have been seeing that lately.

But now more about the little excursion. Grandma picked me and Karissa up around 9 sat. and we were still very tired from the barn dance the other night. I had to sit in the middle in the back between Kris and Des (which was sooooooo much fun :). We watched the Goldman's play at 11 in Prospect. And t hey had another performance at 4. Afterwards we went to eat at the coolest little restaurant-Beckie's Cafe. It was really good-everyone got chicken fried steak except two people. We then went to the store and bought some snacks for later.
We then explored the trail, crossed a bridge that was "closed" and wished we could swim in the river.

That night we played hide and seek through out the house, and everyone played a nasty trick on me. Here's the story-there was a basement and I was a little scared of it but I knew that someone was going to hide in it and I expected this one person to try to scary. But what I didn't expect was that when I opened the door (here it goes) 7 teens jumping at me and roaring. I screamed (naturally), slammed the door shut and jumped back into the kitchen. Afterwards I was laughing but at first I was pretty scared :)

After we ate up the popcorn and chips, sang some praise songs, and talked it was time to retire and I was ready. But unfortunately sharing a room with Destiny means no sleep. I was with Anna in one bed and Kris and Des in the other. The minute the light was turned off me and Anna were crushed under Karissa and Destiny with full force, and they kept jumping on us, take my pillows and (worst of all) hiding my ipod. It was a lot of fun jumping on top of each other until the clock struck 12, then the spell was broke.

The following day we did some more exploring, eating, talking, singing, and driving.
All in all it was a BLAST!!!!!!!

pics to come :)


Joshua West said...

Sounds like you guys sure enjoyed each other. Its to bad I wasn't up there to go with everyone.
I cant wait to see the pictures.

Vickie said...

Hiya Kaila I heard that you guys had a great time and now after reading your blog it sounds like you all had a blast. Sorry they scared you but that is so much fun to do. lol I started a blog but im still learning.Destiny and John and Travis have helped me.keep on blogging...