Monday, July 30, 2007

Prayer pt.1

Kaila Anderson

The Why of prayer-
Why should one pray? What is the meaning behind prayer? Is it significant? These are the question we should ask about prayer and the Word of God has the answers.

First of all as Christians we serve a merciful and wrathful God and as humans are sinful and deserve the wrath of God. So we should pray fro His mercy and love. Pray for forgiveness and to be washed clean, so that we may be spared of God’s wrath. Is this not a good reason why we should pray?

Secondly in Rom. 12:9-21 Paul lists how to behave like a Christian and in vs.12 we read “Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing steadfastly in prayer…” As Christians we are called we are to pray continually, it is our duty and a great advantage. You see before Christ came the Israelites couldn’t go to God, they went through the priest. But since Christ died He became our Mediator and so now we can pray straight to God.

But one of the most significant reasons why we should pray is because God has made us, He has redeemed us, so that our fellowship with Him may be restored and prayer is an important part of that relationship. God is our heavenly Father and wishes that we talk to Him as we do our earthly fathers. What would it be like if we never talked to your dads, the man who provides for us? We would seem ungrateful to him, so it is with God and yet God has done what no earthly father can do-He has created us and has sacrificed His son for us even when we were in rebellion to Him, we should daily be thanking Him for that. God speaks to us in and through the Bible, which the Holy Spirit reveals to us. We in turn speak to God about Himself, ourselves and the world around us.

This is a two way conversation and to be highly valued as a reason why we should pray. God is the reason we should pray.

This is a thing dad had us kids do for school.
I answer the why, when, where and how of prayer.

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