Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Grandma's and Kaylee's Birthday

She really wanted that doll!
Yes! she got it :)

Tami wrote a song, in place of a card. It was a very beautiful song and Tami has and extraordinary voice.
Lined up to read our cards

Last night we celebrated Grandma's 60th birthday and Kaylee's 1st birthday.

Here's how it went, in my view-

First, after 3 hours of Omnibus school, we got everything set up and decorated. Around 6 people started to arrive, though the birthday girl was 2nd to first, and everyone else a tad bit late. Then everyone just sorta mingled while the mom's got dinner ready, and we Omnibus kids (plus Kaleb) all practiced a little something we're doing for Thanksgiving.

Finally it was time for the presents. Kaylee went first, and boy did she get some adorable clothes. Kaylee is the cutest thing, she reminds me of a doll, such a perfect face.
Then Grandma opened all her presents. First each of her kids read their card to her, and she cried through it all (a happy, loving cry).

After that we did a play I wrote up, for Grandma. It's called "A Saturday with Grandma". You see, she loves to go to yard sales (a lot) so that was the theme of the play :) It was really quite fun and funny (thanks to Dad. He gave me all theses funny idea's).
Then all the grandkids lined up and read their cards to her. She is words of encouragement, so you can guess that through it all the tears where flowing (it shows how much she loves us).

Then we all lined up and got our food, sang birthday songs and enjoyed some homemade ice cream, complements of Uncle Steve, with some lemon muffins, compliments of Mom.
Finally us Omnibus kids (plus Kaleb) closed the day with a worship song.

God has sure blessed me with a wonderful Grandma and a beautiful cousin!


The Goldman Family said...

Don't you mean"cousins"?

Joshua West said...

well that sounds like a ton of fun!

Destiny Jane said...

We had a lot of fun!!! Thanks for writing the play so we could all be in it:) I know Grandma loved it!

Ginger said...

Wow that was an awesome party for two very special people. I hope someone also took a video that can be posted; would love to hear the cards and of course Tami's song. Love you for sharing this Kaila. Love you. Aunt Ginger