Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving Week

Sunday- Church. Dad gave an awesome sermon on thanksgiving. See later post

Monday- I went to guitar lessons, then me and mom went to the grocery store and got food for the feast! After that I got together with some cousins to practice fro the talent show.

Tuesday- All us girls took Aunt Heather and her girls (and Destiny) to go to the gingerbread houses showing. It was awesome...I'll post on it later. Then we did some more grocery shopping :)
Then off to speech club!

Wednesday- Me, mom, Karissa, Aunt Tami, Jodi and Heather all went out to eat for the birthday girl- Destiny! It was a very delightful meal, we went to the Jacksonville Inn. After that we walked around Jacksonville, looked at all the cute shops. Then mom dropped me, Karissa and Destiny off at Ross and she did more grocery shopping. While there we tried on about 20 different outfits and all I bought was a jacket and sweatshirt. Karissa and Destiny picked out these cute dresses, which they wore at Thanksgiving.

We went home and started the baking. Karissa and Destiny did other stuff and I made Pumpkin Rolls until 11pm! It was a very LONG day...but fun altogether :)

Thursday- Thanksgiving Day! Mom was up at 5 and went to the building to put in her turkey. I made a Pecan Pie then did a post, then got the kids dressed and bathed. Then we were off to the Rogue River Grange (because we had to house to fit us all in). We ate around 3 then started the Talent Show around 5. Which lasted for about two hours and we had dessert then cleaned up. At home, Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Troy and Dad all had a glass of wine and a good talk. Me and David worked on our duo while Kaleb and Kolten finished their Xbox game. I went to bed around 11 while everyone was still here. So that is a short summary of Thanksgiving Day.

Friday- Went shopping at 11am got home around 7pm.

Saturday- Hung out at home.

*note- not all the Talent show was videoed, so you only get a small taste of what you missed out on :)


Destiny Jane said...

Kaila, you did a good job on the slide show... and we sure had fun on Thanksgiving! I'm pretty sure that our Thanksgiving was the best ever!!!

The Goldman Family said...

Thanks Kaila for the video, that was great! We are so blessed and have much to be thankful for!
Oh the memories are sweet!
Love ya

Grandma of Many said...

Great job Kaila. Thanks for the slide show and the comments. I think you forgot me at the birthday dinner in Jacksonville. I went also, ha! Love you,
Grandma Dot

John said...

That was great to see everyone. Good job. You know, our Thanksgiving down here seems small now! Looks like everyone had a real good time. Miss you all.

Ginger said...

Great job Kaila of showing us what we missed at your fun Thanksgiving feast and talent show. We had a nice time too but no talent show. Miss all of you guys and would have loved to seen more! Love you and keep posting. Aunt Ginger