Wednesday, May 23, 2007

2. Discipline of Submission: The Posture of Godliness

It saddens me that submission has been eliminated from our cultural vocabulary. Bringing our lives into submission to God's will in everything is the key to being a godly woman (Phil.2:8-11). It is the path to joy.

Submission applies to every area of our lives, and we begin by restoring the gospel to it's rightful place at the center of our thoughts and deeds every day. It's an ongoing, daily choosing of God's way over our own ways (James 4:7-10; Heb. 12:9). Is the will of God more important than our lives (Luke 9:24)? -Barbara Hughes

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I am called Aaron Sleadd said...

Great post, Kaila!
I think you could even apply the issue of submission to men also. Men should be submitting to Christ before they can be good leaders in their homes or elsewhere.
Our culture has certainly twisted submission to look like some form of weakness or frailty.
Keep up the great work!