Friday, May 11, 2007

Yesterdays Happenings

The Whole group

Here's us celebrating dad's b-day.
You know, many of you won't agree with this, but my dad truly is the best dad that ever walked the faces of this earth. I love him so much. He always puts up with us kids. He trains us with such love and devotion. He teaches us with such passion. He cares for us with such enthusiasm.
He is the smartest pastor. He always has answers to my questions, and gives them in the simplest way for us kids. Not because he only knows simply answers, for when I hear him talking to older men, he knows what he's talking about and it all goes over my head :)
He never gets frustrated with us. He has only really yelled at us one time, and we deserved it. But he never yells, at us. Never gets frustrated when we do stupid things, or when things aren't going right. Instead he shows us our wrong and disciplines us with love.
He truly is the best, loving, caring, smartest, gentle, dad that ever lived on this earth and ever will be.
He's my dad Kenny Anderson

This is the little western town we went too. It was so cool. They had a little bar area with a pool table. They had a game room with arcade machines and poker table. They had a movie theater, it was so coooooool. It had a big screen, a popcorn machine, surround sound, candy, lights, and couches that were really comfortable.
Us in the game room

Dad's in the bar area, playing pool

Breanna and Esther

Seth, Levi and Savannah

Katrina, Kaleb and Kaylee

Here are pics of our first day. It was a lot of fun. We walked around the property, rode the horse and drove to a little western town and spent most of the day there.


Kaleb said...

Wow! I wonder who all those good looking ppl are 'hint hint'. ;)

Destiny Kruse said...

HAHAHA Kaleb!!! You should get a blog. It look's like you all are having alot of fun up ther Kaila. We miss you. (whish I could be there with you).

David (Best Friend) said...

Hey, Kaleb and Kaila! It sounds like your having a great time up there. Wish I could be with you all but I'm just wishing so it probably won't come true.
God Bless You All!!!

Kaleb Anderson said...

Hey Destiny and David! I have a blog... now. here it is--