Wednesday, May 16, 2007


There's no place like home.
There's no place like home.
I love home.

I don't want to leave for a long time, except for the Worldview Super Conference, hosted by Gary DeMar, at the end of this month. I'll leave for that :)

But really...its so good to be home. I love home, its so cozy, lovely, old, and just plain wonderful.
The trip was wonderful. I had a great time with all my family and friends.
God is so good. He has blessed my family with the money to go on this trip, and me with my wonderful family. I have so many cousins, all of them wonderful and unique and sweet in their own way, and I'm the oldest of them all and enjoy that privilege very much. God is indeed great.
And tomorrow I shall be going to apologetics and shall see all my good friends...hopefully-"are you guys going to be there?" :)


Kaleb Anderson said...

hi Kaila. yay you guy arrived home. although i miss you already. :O
oh well.

Natalie said...

Kaila! I can't wait to see you! It's been too long since I've seen you. Are you coming to the graduation on Tuesday?? I hope so.

Kaila Anderson said...

I don't know about Tues. but definitly Saturday.