Thursday, March 8, 2007

My First Post : )

Today I'm going to start blogging. Dad set me up and encourages me to do it.

A little about me-
I'm 15 and the oldest of seven with one on the way. Also the oldest of 28 (I think) cousins, there is so many of us its hard to keep count. But I love them all. Its so so so so much fun to have so many cousins, you never get bored when your with them all. And there is usually an average of 1-2 birthdays a month, which is a lot of fun : ).
I have a dog-Phineas who is a purebred pit-bull, and the sweetest, weirdest, dog ever. Actually that's a picture of us (somewhere, I'm new so I don't now where they place them.). I often take him on walks/bike rides, on nicer days I'll take some of the kids.
Right now my family is doing a speech club. And tomorrow is a tournament (I'm a little nervous), I'm competing in apologetics, where they have a 100 different questions and you draw three and make a 6 min. speech on them, the good part is that you have the questions ahead of time and you can write down points, verses, quotes etc.. on 4x6 cards. So in the end you have a box of all the cards to the questions. Its such an opportunity to learn so much about our Christan faith, I feel as if I'm a new person learning all these things about the attributes of God, and scripture, and Jesus Christ. But then there is so much that man cannot understand because the finite cannot grasp the infinite. Learning all this has shown me that we worship the one and only God, the omniscient, and all powerful God and that everything is in His hands will turn out for His glory (its so cool). Well anyway that's that : ).
I also play guitar-and I absolutely love it. Next Tuesday I'll be leading worship at our speech club (it wasn't my idea). But I have a lot of fun with it, and I have the most awesome teacher ever.

So there you have it, a little about me. Hope you've enjoyed it.
Talk to you all later!!!
-Kaila (who else) : )

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Kolten Anderson said...

I like pit-bulls and its always nice to have a purebred. well by,