Sunday, March 11, 2007

Tournament Results

Our local tournament ended yesterday. I had so much fun and learned a lot. I met a couple of new people and talked to some people I met at the Seattle tournament that I went to. There was a barn dance that we went to Fri. night and Sat. night was pizza at Abby's, we had a lot of fun talking about the results we had at the tournament at these times and we were just able to chat and chat and chat and chat : ).
I broke in apologetics (broke=that we go to the next biggest tournament which is called Reginals, only half of everyone broke). Karissa and Destiny broke in their duo, and many of my good friends broke in their things that they competed in.
So overall it was such and awesome time, to be able to fellowship with so many friends and to learn so much. I'm sad that its ended, but the one thing I don't miss is having to get up at 5am : ).
I'll post some pics later.
Bye : )

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