Monday, April 2, 2007

The 5 Solas

By what Standard?

Sola Scriptura
Our authority is the Scripture Alone

For what end or purpose are we saved?
Soli Deo Gloria
Glory to God alone for salvation of sinners

Because of whose works are we saved?
Solus Christus
Our righteousness is wrought by Christ alone

At whose initiative are we saved?
Sola Gratia
Salvation is by God’s grace alone

Through what instrument are we saved?
Sola Fide
Justification is by grace alone through faith alone
because of Christ alone.

Taken from one of my Dad's sermons


Anonymous said...

Hi Kaila,
How are you doing this fine day? I'm doing great especially when I saw your blog. Good Job! Keep it up! Sorry that more people don't leave comments but maybe you could tell more people about this blog.

I am called Aaron Sleadd said...

Nice blog.
I felt guilty for not commenting on your blog before, so here is my comment.
Keep posting.

P.S. Whew. Glad to get that off my chest.
(heh heh)

The Sisterhood said...

Hey Kaila!
Thanks for the email! And I do love your blog and I check it out each day! Keep posting. :-)

See you tomorrow, Lord willing.

Kaila said...

Thanks you guys.
I haven't checked my blog lately, and whne I did I saw three comments-it was exciting : )
Talk to ya all later!!!