Saturday, April 21, 2007

Regionals Results

All my good friends who went to Regionals have broke, which means they will be going to Nationals (I think), which is the big tournament.

Colleen McMurray- Apologetics, Impromptu, Duo
Victoria Emmons- Apologetics, Duo, Dramatic Inturp, and we don't know if she's qualified in her speeches
Mary Owen- Dramatic Inturp
Natalie Emmons- Apologetics, Duo (her partner is her sister-Victoria).

We are all so proud and happy for them. And we pray that they will have courage as they go through semi-finals, and hopefully finals. :)


Destiny Kruse said...

That is so awesom that they all broke.

Nathan said...

Are you sure all semi-finalists are going to Nationals?

Kaila Anderson said...

actiually no.
I wrot that after I got off the phone with Natalie and she was pretty sure about that, but now she isn't so sure. I keep forgetting to change that :)

Destiny Kruse said...

Yea the semi-finals are not going to Nationals. I wish.

Anonymous said...

you need to post mame please:)