Thursday, April 12, 2007

Birthday Pictures

"Ok...thats just too much"

He was really into the movie

"Oh dear, Alex"
"there that's better"

Having a little fun during the movie

They sure are into the movie

She really liked that popcorn

A new bike!!!! (from dad and mom)

Getting ready for the movie

Watching the presents being opened

More egg rolling

Musical chairs

This was a game were you have two teams and they race by pushing an egg across the floor with their nose. It was so funny.

Making the popcorn

getting instructions on a game

Everyone crowding the prize booth

Levi licking the bowl (yum)

These are pics from Levi's b-day party.
We all went to the church building, played some games (mostly the little kids). Then watched a movie. Ellie and Esther had a "snack bar", where they had licorice, juice, and popcorn. Karissa ran the prize booth.


I am called Aaron Sleadd said...

Thats a great pic of 'Trina! It looks like she has a huge belly! That's hilarious!

Destiny Kruse said...

We had to eat so much food. But it was a great party.

Devin Kruse said...

That was a fun birthday I rely like the games and the move.