Monday, April 9, 2007


Its been a great time. Easter was like my perfect day; there are three things that I really enjoy in this world-sermons (church), good food, and movies and this day was full of them.

First we went to brunch which is always a pleasure. Then came home and watched Loves Unending Legacy. After that we headed off to church and Dad gave an awesome sermon. He's lately been going through the Ten Commandments and this was his last sermon on the 1st one, but it was all about how we aren't neutral, no one is neutral and that is just fitting into this post-modern world. And the call to tolerance, or "don't be judging" is only a neutral stand on morals, and the 1st commandment shows that God will not tolerate any other gods.
Dad also addressed the biggest book seller of our day- The Secret. The secret is idolatry of today, its the law of attraction, it follows the thinking that we're all energy, its all about one's self.
"You are god in a physical body" -The Secret.
He addresses that, "the solution to our problems is not within us, but rather the inside of us is the problem. "
Well anyways I'll have to write a whole post on his sermon, it was so good.
After church we all went to Ashland (the town I absolutely abhor) to see a movie called-The Ultimate Gift. It was really good, not one of those major movies, but it was still good.

So as you can see it was filled with my favorite things. And I forgot to mention that-spending time with all my family is a great joy and blessing.

Today was music lessons -Guitar for me, fiddle for Esther and piano for Karissa and Ellie. We also got together with cousins and Deems to watch the Francis Shaeffer videos, he has sooooooo much stuff its hard (very hard) to keep up. But it is all so good.

So that's whats been happening lately. Great stuff, isn't it :).
See ya all later!!!
Over and Out


Natalie said...

I love that picture of you and Levi, Kaila!

Thanks for the update. I enjoyed reading about it. See you tomorrow!


I am called Aaron Sleadd said...

Was that picture taken recently? Like in the last week?

Kaila Anderson said...

Yeah it's a pretty recent pic. But more like last month some time :)