Saturday, June 30, 2007


It's been a long week...really long.

We've been getting ready for some relatives, the Wests.
You see we have relatives from my Dads side who live in Arizona, and they all decided to come up for 4th of July. Which is a big deal since us kids have never really got to know them. So we are all excited. There are going to be around 60 people at our house for Independence day!!!! Right now my Dads aunt (Ginger and her husband-John) have been here for about a week, so we've been spending time with them. We had them over for dinner, then the next day they took us out to lunch, then we took them cherry picking :)

Tomorrow we meet another family, my Dads cousin, Tracy and her 6 (I think) kids. I've only meet them once as I can remember so it will be cool to see what they are all like.
They're going to be coming to our church, which will make it pretty crowded, which is a cool thing.

Monday the West family will be arriving. Jason (the dad) is my dad's cousin and was always his best friend growing up. We have heard sooooooo many stories about all their adventures and trouble makings. He has 3 kids-2 boys and a girl.

So basically we've been busy, and will be busy again this next week.
I just hope my toe will heal in time, so I can play with everyone...and it is :)

God Bless!!!!!


Ruth Owen said...

wow lots of people!! sounds fun! ~Ruth~

Destiny Kruse said...

Nice Post!!! I cant wait till everyone comes:)

I am called Aaron Sleadd said...

Wow! Imagine what the Anderson family reunions are going to look like in 10 years! You'll have to rent out a whole town! Well..sort of...maybe...not. :)