Sunday, June 17, 2007

What Is a Good Father

What Is a Good Father?

1. One who teaches his children a biblical worldview.
2. One who loves his children unconditionally.
3. One who disciplines his children out of love.
5. One who always believes in his children.
6. One who loves his wife and his continually faithful to her.
7. One who shows his boys how to be a man.
8. One who loves his daughters and teaches them to be a prov. 31 woman.
9. On who is patient when his kids keep breaking the lawn mower.
10. One who follows the Lord in every area of his life.
Of all these does my father posses.

Happy Fathers Day to the most wonderful dad ever- Kenny V. Anderson!!!!

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Ruth Owen said...

yah I love my dad too! Well tell your dad HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!! ~Ruth~