Saturday, June 2, 2007

Today's Excursions

David and his version of wine tasting-grape juice :)

Today we packed up and left. We went to this house which is the biggest privately owned house, and it really is huge. It's amazing how much detail was put into houses back then. There were carvings everywhere, rooms for every purpose, richly furnished, and beautiful grounds. It was like a whole park-this one family owned it all, 8000 acres and all. It's called the Biltmore house. It was really breathtaking. The drive was beautiful- there is a large variety of foliage and it was absolutely wonderful. It also had a winery so dad did some wine tasitng.
Right now we're in the hotel room and dad and David are watching some science thing that David got from the book store, while I listen to Switchfoot and blog-what a great way to end a great day!!


Destiny Kruse said...

I wish i could have gone with you!!! So you got to see the biggest house!!! COOL:) Well got to go now. (the Goldman's are here).
P.S Say hi to David for me:)

mercy said...

Hi Kaila:) I really miss David. (And you). Hehe!!! See ya soon.

Devin Kruse said...

That sound's cool!!! I cant wait to see you and David today. I bet you guys had a blast.