Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Barbecue at Travis and Vickie's House!!!

Like father, like daughter

Hanging out and playing games

Food Time

Des trying the Mock Apple Pie-she was really scared too.

The music was to LOUD!

I think he needs some lessons on manners :)

Today Vickie and her son Travis invited all of the family (which is a large number) over for a barbecue. We had a blast! First we sorta just hanged out, you know talk and all that. Then we ate hot dogs prepared by Travis, and many of the other things that were there. After that Me, Travis, Dad, Tami and Alex just sorta jammed. It's the only time I get to play an electric guitar, so it was fun, but very loud :)
All in all it was a sweet time :)


Devin said...

I like the pic of me. But I did not know you where going to put it on your blog that sure was fun. I’m just posting some pics I took with my camera. Well see ya.

Destiny said...

Hey, I like all the pictures:) Why didn't you post the one good picture os Karissa and I??? Well, bye now;0)

Aaron Sleadd said...

Does your dad really play guitar and drums?

John said...

I love all the graet pictures of all my favorite nieces & nephews. Sure do miss all the fun. I guess it's a party there every day.

Kaila Anderson said...

yeah, he's really good at the drums and does a little guitar. He's very multi-talented :)