Monday, August 27, 2007

Happy Birthday!!!

Today is David's 15th Birthday.

He has been such an awesome cousin to me. Yesterday we were all playing music after church and I gave him the chords to a song and in 10 min. he had it all figured out and it sounded beautiful. He sure is gifted when it comes to the piano.
We always call each other and ask questions about apologetics, what books are you reading, ipod stuff and so on.
He is one cool cousin.

Two days ago was Johnathan Kruses birthday as well. He turned 3 years old, and is the cutest three year old alive.


Grandma of Many said...

Happy Birthday David and Jonathan. Jonathan was so cute at his party yesterday. We are looking forward to David's today. Kaila, you are so thoughtful to put this post up and for the kind words you gave. You are an awesome cousin and granddaughter. I loved all 3 parts of your True Role of Womenhood.

Love you,

Grandma Dot

Destiny said...

David and Jonathan sure are wonderful!!! I am so glad that I have them as my brothers, God really, really, really, really blessed me with them:) See you at Biblical Worldview class today.

P.S I sent you the pictures.

King David said...

Stop it. I'm not THAT great. But thanks Kaila for those encouraging words. :)

- (Your Cool Cousin), David