Monday, August 13, 2007

Future Posts

Future Post-

  1. Self-Control- Joseph vs. Rueban
  2. True Womanhood-an essay thing I wrote
  3. Notes from my Dad's sermons
  4. What is Government?
  5. Questions about Prayer (questions thanks to Jason West)
  6. "Are you a true Christian?" -a little test thing.
  7. 4 dynamic questions to make one really examine their worldview, by Bill Jack
  8. "There is a God" a song by 33 Miles. A very impacting song, I have to share it.
And so many other things.
Oh, yeah, I have a new feature-Cousin of the week, check it out :)


Aaron Sleadd said...

Cool! Lots of things to post about.

Weren't you going to post about the song- "Jesus Take the Wheel" a while back?

-Mr. Sleaddo

Dottie, Grandma Dot or Mom said...


How sweet you are to put a cousin of the week and the comments about David. You are an awesome granddaughter and I am so blessed to be your Grandma.


Grandma Dot

David's Blog said...

Wow Kaila! I'm really looking forward to the "Future Posts". Especially, #6 & #7. I know that they're going to be out of this world! Totally Awesome!

Hmmm. So I'm your cousin of the week, eh. Harrah! No. Really, that was very nice of you. I really appreciated it. I woke up feeling drowsy and depressed because I got up kinda late but now I'm envigorated and full of energy after seeing the cousin of the week.

Thanks, and I'm still looking forward to your great posts!

Your Friend and Cousin,


David's Blog said...

Oops! I spelled invigorated wrong. Sorry!

Ginger said...

Ditto to everything your Grandma Dot said...great idea and a great post on David. Love Aunt Ginger

Kenny Anderson said...

I can't wait to see #3 on the list... hehehahahohohmmmhmmm...
I'm proud to be your dad - thanks a lot for making me prideful.

Ruth Owen said...

ha!... David had you as his "cousin for the week" lol...looks like it's rigged lol.;o) ~Ruth~