Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pictures I Took

This rose picture is my favorite.

I sorta have an infatuation with taking pictures of flowers, and seeing that dad has a very good camera some actually turned out okay.
So here are some and I'll post more later....what do you think? Which is your favorite?


Aaron Sleadd said...

cool pictures!

Alexa Sleadd said...

Whoa! Like, everybody's taking flower pictures! ;P

John said...

Hi Kaila: I liked the Orchid picture best. Do you think if the light were shining into it, it might show up better? Keep lighting in the back of your mind and keep it up! All were really good.

King David said...

Great Pictures Kaila!
Very Nice. Very Nice.


Esther Hope said...

Those are so pretty pictures you took. You should teach me how too do that. God bless you.-Bye Esther:)

kaijayork said...

Great pictures Kaila,
Love you and miss you