Monday, August 27, 2007

The True Role of Womanhood pt. 3 of 3

We need all the mothers to return to the home and their neglected children.

Los Angeles police Chief Edward M. Davis said in an address to the Los Angeles Breakfast Club, “crime is going to continue to go up, up, up,” primarily because of “the new morality which condones lying, stealing and killing. Mothers should stay home to instill old-fashioned values in their children.

“If you don’t have that culture in which to bring up that young human with love and discipline, he’s going to become some sort of savage if he wants to,” Davis said.

The wages of sin is death. And the fruit of feminism will always be destruction-dividing families, corrupting churches, and destroying our nation. Women must return to their homes, for it is what God designed us for, to be home keepers.

What people don’t understand today is that a true home keeper is more than just that. They don’t understand that to be a mother you must have the greatest strength and faith. They think that it’s just changing diapers, cleaning dishes, and potty training. It’s much much more than that. A true home keeper is all that you can think of-teacher, nurse, cook, baker, dress designer, secretary of her husband’s papers, seamstress, and home designer. God designed woman with great strength, a home keeper is not some weak person. She is strong, she must do all these duties daily, and God has equipped her with the strength and faith to do so. Then at the end of a day she is there for her husband when he returns from a trying day in the world, so to say. A home keeper is far more than the picture that society paints today, she is a true woman, fulfilling God’s plan for her life, and when she does He will give her the strength to endure all. Indeed she is the true woman after God’s own heart.

A mother is the one who trains her children alongside her husband. What would many of our great men be if there mothers were not at the home, if they were out doing their things-jobs, college, and making sermons. They would not have the time that they did to pour into their children moral character and a love for the word of God. Remember the saying that “the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.” This is our calling in taking dominion-to teach our boys a biblical worldview and to equip our daughters with house keeping tasks and to set before them an example. And this takes true strength, it’s a true challenge, its God’s calling for women. And we must all follow this true path of the role of womanhood. But don’t just settle for being a keeper at home make it your conviction. Your passion, it will be hard, for that was the curse put on woman. But God will not abandon you on the calling that he has sent you on.

Don't follow the worlds thinking that women should be equal with men. God made woman for a distinct role in life-a life that takes much inward strength and faith. Men and woman all play a part in the turning of this world back to God – men go out into the world and woman raise up the next world changers-their children. Man up top and the woman behind him, for she is the behind the scenes person. And “Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her.” Follow God’s role for womanhood. Follow the true calling of the woman.

The End

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